Youth At House Of Prayer

HOP Youth

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At the House Of Prayer we have an incredible youth group with a

wide range of ages (2-18 years old). They enjoy getting taught about the bible.

Some of our youth also help out in worshipping in church, we have many talented musicians who play a wide range of instruments.


On Sunday the youth go out to the Sunday schools after the worship. They are taught about Jesus, reading and learning from the Bible. This also enables the youth also learn valuable life skills.

Also: New Generation (12-18 years old) meet together on a Sunday morning for their own time of
teaching and fellowship. visitors very welcome.

It's in the name - a group to empower 13-18 age who are serious about making God real in their lives.
What we do - we are building a group who know the word and its Author! We study the Bible to be changed and to help others find God. We support and encourage each other to step out in faith and practically apply what we believe in our everyday lives. 
Where we meet - alternate Friday evenings at Helen & Ric's house. We currently start 6pm with a meal together and finish 9pm.