Prophetic Art

Prophetic Paintings

'Winds of Change' by Mary Herber Davis ©

The wind of the spirit blows where he wills. Keep watching for signs of the wind and follow his leading.

'Free to come' ©
By Mary Herber Davis

We are free to come to Him with joy, praise and thanksgiving
His hand reaches out to bless all who come.

By Tim Bush ©

By Lynn Bush©

'Shekinah Glory'
by Micheal Bansal ©

The different colours in the background shows how our emotions can define us
(some dull and some bright) but when we allow the
Spirit to define us the Shekinah Glory fulfills our needs

'Refreshing Stream'
By Mary Herber Davis ©

By Mary Herber Davis ©

A wake up blast over Jerusalem

'The Three Keys'
By Mary Herber Davis ©

The three keys are for you to open heavens door and receive eternal life

Key one: 'A heart in a cross' represents Jesus love for you when he died on the cross and took
your punishment for sin.
Ky two: 'A crown' speaks of his forgiveness that makes you his own -'A child of the king'
Key three: 'A dove' the gift of the holy spirit to enable you to love a new life in the love and power of god.

'Letting down the net for harvest'
By Mary Herber Davis ©

By Mary Herber Davis ©

Inspired by Gen 28:10-16

'Jar of clay'
By Carol Hill ©

This painting portrays us as an imperfect vessel with holes and cracks
that the holy spirit uses to shine through into the world we live in.

'In the Beginning '
By Helen Watson ©

It tells the story of the early days of creation, when the spirit of god hovered over the surface of the deep,
when light burst in on the world, order was made out of chaos and the waters and dry land were separated.
If you look closely there is a hint of a very large bird, the spirit of God at the top left hovering over creation as it comes into order.

'Walking in the light'
By Micheal Bansal ©

When we walk in the darkness we are surrounded by evil and it brings us down spiritually .
When we focus on the light , who is God, our path becomes much clearer and straighter.

'Snake on a pole'
By Micheal Bansal ©

Inspired by Numbers 21:8-9
This painting is to show Christ in the center with an angel behind surrounding him.
The red snake represents evil and sin as it gets closer to the middle it gets washed away by the
power of Jesus.

'Worship with dancing'
By Mary Herber Davis ©

By Helen Watson ©

'Window of Glory'
By Mary Herber Davis ©

“Water from the Rock”
by Mary Herber Davis ©

Jesus is the rock and the fountain is the holy spirit - the spring of the living water. He constantly flows out from the rock and fills the clay vessel which represents his sons and daughters until they also overflow and his life goes out from them to water dry places. Where the water goes life springs up, life that is living and eternal.
The fountain represents the water of life.
The clay jar has little attraction value or beauty in itself but is a vessel holding a treasure inside - the Gospel

“Heaven touching earth”
by Mary Herber Davis ©